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Poverty Teaching- Brain Based

Closing the Poverty Gap – 3 Tips

Reprinted from ASCD When it works well, America’s public school system is designed to help students achieve at least one year of academic growth per school year. The problem? For students living in poverty, that’s not enough. In US public schools, 51% of students in public schools come from low-income families. Decades of research show that children from low-income homes start kindergarten trailin...

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Gaining Learners’ Attention

Changing Learners’ Brains Positively: How Comparing Brain-compatible approaches as delivered differently from traditional/conventional classroom instructions. Below is a table that highlights the pedagogy differences in traditional classroom management vs Brain-Based Learning approaches: References: Hobson, J. A. (1994) The Chemistry of Consciousness: How the Brain Changes its Mind. Boston: Little...

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brain learning strategy

Changing Learners’ Brains Positively:

 How Brain-compatible approaches are delivered differently from traditional/conventional classroom instructions – 01 Gaining Learners’ Attention Brain-Based Learning theories/principles attempt to explain how, and under what conditions, learner’s brain takes in, processes and memorizes best as educators or teachers employ different classroom instructions to enable different students master k...

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