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Gaining Learners’ Attention

Changing Learners’ Brains Positively: How Comparing Brain-compatible approaches as delivered differently from traditional/conventional classroom instructions.

Below is a table that highlights the pedagogy differences in traditional classroom management vs Brain-Based Learning approaches:



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Dr. Anson Chen (Cert. Ed., B Ed., M Ed. EdD) Managing Director and Principal Trainer of Institute of Brain and Mind Education (IBME) Principal Consultant, Director of Research and Professional Support of Brain Quotient and Neurofeedback Technology Center (BQNF) Anson completed the Doctor of Education Program offered by the University of Western Australia in September 2013. Her research and thesis is on Managing the Shift to Brain-Based Learning: Leaders’ and Teachers’ Experience in a Hong Kong Primary School. Since 2007, she has worked as Education Consultant and Project Manager with different Hong Kong primary and secondary schools in adopting Brain-Based Learning, Habits of Mind and Thinking-Based Curriculum Design impacting teachers’ pedagogy and students’ learning.

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