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second language

Expanding the Brain’s Capacity with Second Language Learning

The impact of globalization coupled with the marketability of communicating in more than one language has given rise to innovative language programs that capitalize on second language acquisition at an early age. By helping English language learners and native English speakers achieve high standards in English and another language, dual language programs can be an effective tool for schools and di...

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Brain, heart and mind: An holistic perspective on the classroom

Brain, heart and mind; three words with a tremendous significance in education. Three words intimately related to the integral formation of our students, and that summarize the importance of thoughts and feelings, as they are balanced in the classroom. Words that invite us to investigate beyond how and why students can get access to knowledge, understand it and apply it in other contexts of their ...

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Brain Based Results

Prepping the Brain for Learning: Simple Strategies, Powerful Results

If someone asked me to define learning simply, I would say: Learning is the acquisition and storage of new input such that a lasting neural network is formed. These neural networks may reactivate older ones to connect more information in proper categories (well sometimes that is…). When multiplied by millions, these connected neural networks make me who I am and help me to use these storage site...

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