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What we get to do: Hospitality in the classroom

Orange post-it note, #2 pencil and first grade spelling: “thank you for coming”, followed by 2 sketched balloons and a heart.  She handed it to me as I was lining up the 19 students in a classroom where I had been the substitute teacher for the day.  Such a genuine act of hospitality from someone I had just met, and not very old either.  4 words that made me feel noticed, appreciated and valuable....

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Strategies for Achieving a Brain-Based Environment

None of us work in a vacuum, and the more we address the whole, the more easily the parts will fall into place. Once you’ve created a brain-based environment, it’s time to seek support from the larger community: the school. A classroom that is the only learning oasis on campus will soon find that it is in jeopardy of being sabotaged. Support on the macro level forms the foundation for long-term su...

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classroom strategies

Integrating Brain-Based Learning in the Classroom

A good way to work with these guidelines is to write each concept on an index card and then list some of the specific, practical strategies you can do to make it happen. Consider introducing one new concept a week; then be rigorous in your implementation. Remember, you’ll still be integrating the concepts from the previous weeks, too; but after a while, your new approach will be automatic.

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