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What we get to do: Hospitality in the classroom

Orange post-it note, #2 pencil and first grade spelling: “thank you for coming”, followed by 2 sketched balloons and a heart.  She handed it to me as I was lining up the 19 students in a classroom where I had been the substitute teacher for the day.  Such a genuine act of hospitality from someone I had just met, and not very old either.  4 words that made me feel noticed, appreciated and valuable....

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Brain Based Strategy

Simple Strategies for Developing a Growth Mindset in Your Students

One of my favorite trainings to deliver to all schools, but especially schools that are dealing with high-poverty students, is my Growth Mindset workshop. Dr. Carol Dweck, author of Mindset: The New Psychology of Success, says that a growth mindset is the foundation of wanting challenge, persevering through the challenge, and desiring long-term growth and success. A mindset is a paradigm, belief...

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Brain Based adult learning

Engaging Adult Learners

I am an adjunct professor. I teach adults. That is the easy part. Picture this. It’s a Tuesday about 5:30 PM. The three-credit Master’s level course, “Leadership and Decision-Making” will begin at 6:00. Twenty-five students are registered for the course that will meet for five hours over seven Tuesdays plus one Saturday for 7 hours. The room is set up in pods of four. In fact, four female students...

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Student memory

Why Do Students Forget?

We create dynamic lessons, state the objective in student-friendly terms, have students socially interact to share information, but they still seem to forget much of what we teach. Every teacher has experienced the frustration of having to re-teach content because students forgot important information. Likewise, students often experience similar frustration at not being able to remember. So, why d...

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Stop Telling Your Students to Study

Stop Telling Your Students to Study

Let's admit it. We have a national obsession with testing. We are obsessed with tests of all kinds, with the data they provide, and with the judgments we can make based on the outcomes. As a nation, we are test-crazy!

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Strategies for Achieving a Brain-Based Environment

None of us work in a vacuum, and the more we address the whole, the more easily the parts will fall into place. Once you’ve created a brain-based environment, it’s time to seek support from the larger community: the school. A classroom that is the only learning oasis on campus will soon find that it is in jeopardy of being sabotaged. Support on the macro level forms the foundation for long-term su...

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kids excercise

Get Your Kids Moving!

What is the best part of the school day for elementary kids? Recess! What do many middle and high school students look forward to after school (besides playing video games and social media)? Playing sports and freedom to run and do. What we have come to understand is that beyond the natural fun young people have playing together, the benefits of exercise have a direct impact on learning.   The bra...

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Forgotten memory

The Forgetting Curve

Hermann Ebbinghaus may not be a name commonly thrown around in educational circles but every teacher is aware of the phenomenon he first described in the 1850s. Through a series of studies, this German psychologist found that people usually forget 90 percent of what they learn in class. This Forgetting Curve, as he called it, is the decline in the strength of a memory over time. Obviously, this ha...

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brain food

Maximize Learning with Powerful Foods

“As you eat, so shall you think.” Everyday people make decisions about what to eat, and these foods have a direct impact on their quality of life. Food for Energy When we think of the purpose of eating good food, none is more important than the affect of energizing our bodies. However, many people might easily overlook one of the most powerful “foods” we can consume – water.   With so much focus o...

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