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Traveling makes you happier

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      Karan Young, M.Ed.

      Having traveled the world and worked for several years abroad, I can honestly say I agree with this article, I have been so fortunate to see so many parts of this glorious earth. The only caveat I would add is that traveling is far more satisfying when you travel with friends.

      If traveling and experiencing new things makes you happier, then why are many schools canceling field trips?

      Check out the article yourself:

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      Patricia Bentolila

      Interesting that there´s even a research about this. I suppose it´s a matter of budget, but then, they are missing the cost at the long range. It´s clear that many important things are been taken out of the school curriculum without taking into account that there´s a big lost choosing between the immediate and long term benefits. One good field trip can exchange hours of teachers preparation, paper, paper work and other less impacting lessons. One good field trip can very well become a 3 day afterwards debriefing and discussion, analysis and much more. Other benefits, as the one the article mention are secondary gains, which in fact have to do with intrinsic motivation. I´m sure this can also have an important impact on the way children relate to learning, and satisfaction.

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      Ricky Chan

      I completely agree!! The benefits of traveling and field trip are the impacts of memory, the activation of neural networking, and the alternation of brain chemistry. However, the changes in our brain are difficult to observed, to assess. Policy maker or top management people may criticize the effectiveness or outcome of field trip comparing to sitting in the classroom and gaining knowledge, especially in Asian countries. Therefore “make thinking and learning observable” should be another important issue to address.

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      Alicia Alvarez-Calderon

      I was fortunate to work under a principal who was a true believer that children needed experiences to learn better. We had many field experiences throughout the year. In my years as an administrator I see less and less children going on field trips. Either budget cuts or safety are the issues. I would love to see solid research supporting school field trips to argue that children should go more on field trips.

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