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The Science of Learning in 10 Pages!

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      AvatarBryan Harris

      As busy educators, we are always looking for great, research-based resources that don’t take months (or a PhD in neuroscience) to read and comprehend.

      The organization Deans for Impact has heard our cry!

      They developed a document titled The Science of Learning that succinctly outlines cognitive principles along with current research citations and action items.

      Its worth a read.

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      AvatarLisa Baker

      This is definitely worth the time to read. It is a very clear and concise summary. My school recently began using learning scales(Marzano) in the classroom to help students develop goals and monitor progress. I liked that this paper eluded to both the positive and negative aspects of using this strategy. I also appreciated the research showing that developing rapport with students and developing a belief of progress and success is as important as academic skills. This is a wonderful tool that quickly helps to summarize the core concepts of learning. Thanks for sharing Bryan!

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      Yes, thanks Bryan for this resources. Working with teacher candidates for over 11 years, I have seen many resources/materials and often find them lacking in terms of what is needed most – an understanding of cognitive science – how students acquire knowledge vs. complete assignments. Many introductory education courses focus on what is out of date, or surface level….i.e. learning styles or multiple intelligence. This resource is helpful to overview the complexities of working memory transfer and memory retrievel… although I wondered that emotion and its role in learning is not mentioned, unless I missed it.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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