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      Were you ever told TO study, but did not know HOW? I find this is the case with many of the students I work with, both at the graduate/undergraduate level and for students in K-12. I am teaching a great course this year to 7th graders entitled “Strategies for Learning, Research and Writing” and have taught the students HOW to study, using the 6 Study Strategies that have been developed by If you want a great overview of these please see the Cult Of Pedagogy podcast on this topic, The students have especially benefited from lots of practice with retrieval practice (see the guide and specifics at Trashball is one of their favorites – think trashcan, wad of paper, teams, and tons of questions from recent content that the students have written on index cards. Because of the effectiveness of these approaches for our students’ learning, I recently led our faculty in a workshop on retrieval practice. Here is an email I received from one of our math teachers the next morning: “Thanks for leading us yesterday in some great professional development. I was sharing with (our principal) it was great how you gave us the what, the why, and the how of retrieval practice. And you gave us some application time. Thanks so much. Application is critical. “We exchanged a few more emails and I was able to provide him with some very specific strategies that he could use in his math classes to incorporate retrieval practice, such as Show Down ( I offer these links as a great resource to you and your students for long term learning!

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