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Stimulating Brain's 5 senses with Christmas Celebrations

Homepage Forums Brain-Based Learning Q&A Stimulating Brain's 5 senses with Christmas Celebrations

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      Christmas has such a powerful place in everyone’s heart of yearly celebration regardless of age, gender or national identity.

      Let’s try out some ways to celebrate Christmas that may enhance more Brain growth if we:

      a. Make a Christmas Card or a Little Present instead of just buying them – as the process of making the gift could call on our brain to use more creative networks, to exercise our attention ability as we draw and colour; process visually our own art production may stimulate our occipital lobe more; or use our fingers to cut/glue parts together – our parietal lobes get more active.

      b. Prepare food for Christmas meal by ourselves, whether it’s a full menu or just a dessert, because as we choose ingredients with good quality, our brain’s frontal lobe needs to compare and analyse which vegetables/meat/fruits is really fresh to select them, during the preparation process we need to follow the steps, our procedural memory is active, then testing the taste of the food involves our sensory cortex. While the smell of food stimulates our olfactory brain, and it can become active during the whole preparation time.

      Sometimes when doing all these DIY celebration items while playing Christmas Songs as background music is a bonus as it is a pleasurable auditory treat to our temporal lobe too. ^~^

      Wishing you All a specially Blessed and Joyful 2016 Christmas!!

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      Thank you Dr. Chen! Another idea as we wrap up 2016 is to have a family discussion of the highlights from the year. Each person of the family (preferably around the dinner table while sharing a meal) names their high, medium and low memories from 2016. This allows memory retrieval, but much more – by processing life events together, we express empathy and celebration…good for the brain and heart! Follow up the memory sharing with each person listing a family and personal goal for 2017. Goal setting can lead to a growth mindset and self-regulation skills, again good for the brain and heart. Here’s to a great 2017!

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      So nice hearing your inspiring idea, Dr. Tuner!

      I will share with more friends and families on your ideas where in coming 2 days – last day of 2016 31 Dec and beginning of 01 Jan 2017 to listen with empathy/supportiveness on challenges their friends/family members have faced or still struggle; then celebrate with each other on any 2016 events that they are happy or successful with, while they may congratulate each other’s achievements and build greater confidence while entering New Year 2017.

      Yes, a new year brings Hope and Positive energy!! Your idea is echoed and I become interested to explore how Goal Setting is good for the Brain, then come across the below resources:

      – Monica Mehta explores the role of brain chemistry in entrepreneurship, and in one of her books she suggested the more times you succeed at something, the longer your brain stores the information that allowed you to do so well in the first place. That’s because with each success, our brain releases a chemical called dopamine. When dopamine flows into the brain’s reward pathway….The key to creating your own cycle of productivity is to set a grand vision and work your way there with a few, achievable goals that increase your likelihood of experiencing a positive outcome.”

      – Nadia Goodman wrote about the Science of Goal Setting and called up Kelly McGonigal (TED Talk: How to make stress your friend), a psychologist at Stanford University, and asked her about the best way to set and accomplish a goal.

      Thanks again and wishing you a Wonderful 2017!!

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      Alicia Alvarez-Calderon

      Sharing the giving spirit of Christmas with family and friends makes everyone be happy. Music enhances the mood when we are decorating or cooking. Let’s not forget to give thanks for everything we have. Positive thoughts and actions will bring positive things in return. I love Christmas, well my brain loves Christmas!

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      As we welcome 2017 Christmas, let’s look at a few research which show that Avocado is another Great Brain Food, then comes a recipe which uses Avocado for preparing a pasta sauce!! We may then celebrate this year’s Christmas with another 5 senses appealing Delight!!

      AVOCADO – Why it is good:
      • Supply a number of essential nutrients including minerals like potassium, which is needed to ward off mental confusion and depression.¹
      • Rich in antioxidants that protect the brain and eyes.
      • Supply vitamins A, C, E, which will protect brain cells from the free radical damage induced by high stress level.
      • Provide a source of tryptophan which is an essential building block for a very important brain chemical, serotonin involved in regulating mood.
      • Contain naturally Good Fats – Monounsaturated Fat and Polyunsaturated Fat

      Healthy fats, like those found in olive oil and avocados, don’t just keep belly fat at bay. They can also ward off a bad mood. Oleic acid, a monounsaturated omega-9 fatty acid, increases the feel-good chemical serotonin in the brain, keeping you calm. In a study published in the Archives of General Psychiatry, researchers at the University of Nivarra in Spain found that people who consumed a Mediterranean diet rich in fruits, nuts, fish and olive oil were 30 percent less likely to become depressed.²
      COLUMBUS, The Ohio State University Research — The type of fat in avocados not only helps the body absorb carotenoids such as beta-carotene, but it also helps convert them to vitamin A — a vital function that could reduce severe vitamin A deficiencies in the developing world.³
      ¹ Perretta, L. (2004), Brain Food , Octopus Publishing Group Ltd, p.90

      Avocado Pasta
       1 ripe medium avocado, pitted, peeled and cut into pieces
       1/4 cup cream / milk
       1/4 salted cheese
       1 tablespoon olive oil
       1 teaspoon butter
       1 tablespoon lime juice
       ½ teaspoon soy sauce
       Ground salt
       Ground black pepper
       Mushrooms
       2 cups uncooked dry pasta, any type

      1. Boil a large pot of salted water. Cook the pasta according to the instructions on the package. Drain well.
      2. Ground salted cheese
      3. Slice mushrooms and fire well with butter and soy sauce
      4. Sauce: While boiling the pasta, place avocado, cream / milk, olive oil and lime juice in a blender or food processor and blend well. You can leave it chunky or process it until it’s creamy.

      1. Preheat a pan and put some olive oil in
      2. Put the avocado sauce in to heat it up
      3. Add salted cheese and mushrooms, then stir well
      4. Serve together with the pasta
      5. Season with ground black pepper

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