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Quiz TIme – Do you know why you have a brain?

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      According to neuroscientist Daniel Wolpert, you have a brain for one reason and one reason only.

      Is it…?

      A. – For procreation and continuation of the human race.
      B. – To help create complex societies including art, language, and culture.
      C. – To process complex memories, emotions, and thought.
      D. – None of the above.

      If you said, D you are correct.

      According to Wolpert you only have a brain so that your body can move.

      He said this, “If you think about this question for any length of time, it is blindingly obvious why we have a brain. We have a brain for one reason and one reason only – and that’s to produce adaptable and complex movements. There is no other reason to have a brain.”

      As educators and parents, we need to think about the connection between movement and learning.

      There are tons of excellent resources out there highlighting the connection between physical movement and the brain. To start, check out Wolpert’s TED talk.

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      Movement is a valuable resource for our teachers. As a former music teacher, I had the reputation in the middle school in which I worked that I could make any lesson kinesthetic. What an important concept – keep your learners moving! It helps with engagement, management, and learning. My favorite resource to use with teachers is Spark (2008) by John Ratey, ISBN – 978-0-316-11350-2. I also encourage my teachers to interact with Jean Blaydes (resources,, workshops). Many times I add music to get my learners moving.

      What other resources do you recommend?

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      Hi Craig,

      I still find myself using Carla Hannaford’s book a lot – Smart Moves: Why Learning is Not All in Your Head (2007). Eric Jensen, of course, wrote Movement with the Brain in Mind (2000). And, Jean Blaydes is a superstar!

      Besides that, I steal a lot from classroom teachers. When I’m in classrooms I am amazed at the simple and powerful movement and learning strategies they create.

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      Hi Bryan. I marveled at the difference in the level of energy and personal connections in my class last week when I started with having the college sophomores take a 5 minute glp (grateful for?, learned recently?, and plan for the week) walk as we started class. They came back smiling and the instructional discussion was much more enriching! Another reminder that the natural serotonin is better than caffeine

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      We’ve had lots of great discussions about movement and physical exercise. Here is another reason to get movin’ – some recent research has shown a connection between brain “age” and how often people take the stairs. Interesting stuff.

      Read more at:

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