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New Book: The Power of Eight

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      Lynne McTaggart is now offering us a new book that speaks to the rebounding healing power of group intention. The Power of Eight: Harnessing the Miraculous Energies of a Small Group to Heal Others, Your Life, and the World shall become another unprecedented way that Lynne McTaggart has influenced people about the way they think about themselves.


      The Healing Power of Intention

      Lynne McTaggart, an investigative journalist, discovered and combined concepts from the major works of many published scientists and provided a unifying concept of the universe that combined mind, body, environment, and spirituality in The Field: The Quest for the Secret of the Universe (2002). This work not only promoted the concepts of quantum physics but also brought a new perspective of the definition of spirit in bridging the gap between science and the realm of the spiritual. McTaggart’s The Intention Experiment: Using Your Thoughts to Change Your Life and the World (2008) added to the quantum field by inviting all readers to participate actively in research on the power of intention and drawing on interconnectedness, consciousness, and the power of prayer.

      In a recent blog posted August 11, 2017, Lynne McTaggart shared Re-Doing our Past:

      One of the most basic assumptions about intention is that it operates according to a generally accepted sense of cause and effect. If A causes B, then A must have happened first. This assumption reflects one of our deepest beliefs, that time is a one-way, forward-moving arrow, the most tangible evidence is the physical evidence of our own aging; first we are born, then we grow old and die. We think that the consequence of our intentions can only occur in the future. What we do today cannot affect what happened yesterday. However, a sizeable body of the scientific evidence about intention violates these basic assumptions. Research has demonstrated clear instances of time-reversed effects, where effect precedes cause. Indeed, some of the largest effects occur when intention is sent out of strict time sequence.
      Lynne McTaggart
      “Re-Doing our past,” Blog, August 11, 2017

      The Power of Eight is one more resource for anyone moving along a journey of self-discovery and transformational change: learning about brain research in the related fields of neuroscience. I highly recommend it!

      Jean Seville Suffield

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