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Music in the classroom

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      Is music in the classroom between transition of activities distracting and appropriate for 6th grade level students?

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      Patricia Bentolila

      Music is definitively not distracting, on the contrary, it´s use has to be well programmed, not improvised and it will become a useful strategy to anticipate, change students state, help transitions and even be used as background for setting a relaxing atmosphere.
      Just as business are using music to manipulate buyers as a result of investigations that show the effects of music in a variety of business, it can and is recommended to be used in the classroom to manage student states, to help them establish and maintain focus, to manage energy and even to increase learning ( as a mnemonic device).
      Use music as cue for entering and exiting the classroom, use it between activities, play with volume to indicate beginning and endings. Start experiencing and adapting its use to your needs and students. Personalize your selection according students age. Good luck!

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      Yvonne Abraham

      My comment comes more from personal experience but when I was in 6th grade I remember my teacher would always have music on in the background before class, between activities, and during individual work. It was actually my first experience with classical music and I really came to enjoy it.

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