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      Eric Jensen

      Welcome to the new Brain-Based Learning forum. Please introduce yourself by replying here, and feel free to share any insights you may have on how to effectively apply brain-based strategies for teaching success.

      We’ll be inviting a wide range of educators and educational consultants to take part in our community. Help us make the community strong and vibrant by taking part in the conversations.


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      Char K Myklebust

      Professional Education Pal – An online teacher continuing education website with a focus on Minnesota teacher license renewal requirements as well as general “hot topics” in education.

      Dr. Charlene Myklebust, Psy.D.
      Director on Special Assignment
      Intermediate District 287
      1820 Xenium Lane North
      Plymouth, MN 55441

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      Craig Carson

      Looking forward to growing through interactions with this brain-based community. My expertise, outside of Jensen Learning certification, is in turn-around/poverty schools through cognitive and social engagement. I also have done extensive work in engaged reading. As a former music teacher, music is also a hot button for me. My website is a new exciting tool for me that is not fully developed but hopefully will become a great resource for teachers. I hope to have it up and running very soon = summer project!

      My bio is found under “experts.” Feel free to contact me!

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      My passion and professional interest focuses on helping teachers and educators find ways to deeply engage students in meaningful learning.  I believe school should be fun, engaging, challenging, and a place where students are nurtured and where they come to believe that they can do great things.

      As a result of this passion, my professional interests focus on the topics of student engagement, classroom management, motivation, classroom culture, and implementation of standards.  I’ve written a few books on those topics and regularly travel the country speaking and working with schools and school districts.

      You can find out more, including my contact information in the experts section linked here.

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      Cid Schumpert

      I am a 5th grade classroom teacher at a classical academy, and our mission is to preserve truth, beauty and goodness in education. I am convinced that the best way to accomplish our goal is to make sure that at our school we “teach with the brain in mind”. I look forward to having a website with a reliable source of information, and a place where experts and laymen alike can share ideas.

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      I believe teachers really can change the world – through the life-chances they offer their students. It seems to me after observing many pre-service and “in the trenches” teachers at work that the most effective teachers are the most efficient…making the most of their students time. I am interested in this community to learn more about how teachers can transform the lives of their students by changing their brains.

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      I am a Nationally Certified School Psychologist in North Carolina. I have been fascinated by the brain and how different students have different strengths and weaknesses. Jensen’s brain-based learning sessions brought my profession and brain-based learning together. I hope to learn more throughout this new recertification process. I am in the process of receiving TBI certification for assessing students within my school system. Looking forward to “bouncing” ideas off of others who are just as passionate about the brain and improving learning in all students.

      Kim McClellan, M.Ed., Ed.S.
      Nationally Certified School Psychologist
      Currituck County School System

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      Lezley Lewis

      My current position as Leader of Innovation & Integration allows me to explore and engage with learning in a variety of ways and across a broad context. My work requires me to play “out of the box” and then Integrate “across the boxes”! I lead our district’s Multilingual Programs Department where we have cutting-edge, second language learning programs EE-12. I authored an article for this website on second language learning and the brain so stay tuned! Additionally, I lead the Literacy Interventions Department where we delve into understanding the brain as it impacts struggling readers. My work includes working with adult learners who are teachers, administrators and parents. I look forward to connecting in this venue…At the heart of all of our work is the brain!

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      Erik Smith

      Upon entering teaching 10 years ago I was devoid of any respectable skills that featured a professional understanding of how we learn or how we engage the mind. Thankfully, Brain Based Learning re-educated and re-aligned my teaching efforts toward working in harmony with how the brain functions, and, more importantly, how the brain learns. During this journey, I acquired certification in Brain Based Learning (BBL), developed extensive knowledge in cooperative learning (CL), completed the National Boards for Professional Teaching Standards program, conducted teacher professional development in BBL/CL, mentored teachers in classroom engagement/management, and published an article in Dr. Rich Allen’s book, The Rock N Roll Classroom in 2013. Moreover, I continue to immerse myself in the latest neurological/cognitive based research to further develop my current teaching repertoire and training practices.

      Presently, I am dedicated to helping this website become a leading contributor to what works best in the field of Brain Based Learning, as well as continue to learn from the dynamic and dedicated experts featured on this site. As such, I am very grateful to be a part of this cohort, as well as continue my recertification process.

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      During the past 25 years I have been an administrator of both biomedical research institutes (particularly neuroscience) and of colleges. This background has required me to understand the research the neuroscientists are involved in, how I can best support their research, and how I can support professors and their programs as they instruct students in the classroom. The Brain Based Learning Certification has been a critical part of my professional career. It has provided an in-depth level of understanding that would not have been possible otherwise.

      My positions have provided opportunity to learn directly from neuroscientists, to work and volunteer in educational programs from Head Start through college, and to work directly with parents in learning how an understanding of brain development can make our job as parents easier. Along with my career, I partner every year with my wife, who is an elementary school teacher, in volunteering in her classroom, engaging in a continuing discussion of how brain based learning principles can help her students learn, and keeping in touch with current approaches to improve education in Oregon.

      I consider the Brain Based Learning Certification absolutely necessary in making me an effective administrator and helping me keep a clear vision that all of my administrative effort is about student learning and support. I consider this forum an integral part of my administrative work to support research and education.

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      Glenn Purpura

      I look forward to hearing from a lot of educators on what you are doing that makes a direct and positive impact on students.

      During my thirty-four years in education as a teacher, administrator, parent and brain based learning trainer, I have seen a lot of trends. Some good and some not so good. In fact many of them did not positively impact student learning. Let’s make a conscience effort to use strategies based around brain based learning. Take advantage of the experts on this website. Their is a plethora of experience and knowledge to be had.

      I will use this site extensively as I prepare my teachers to use the greatest and latest in brain based learning. You can find out my information under the bio section. Let me know if I can help.

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      Lisa Baker

      I am currently a Pre-K EELP teacher in Brevard County. I love sharing my passion for learning with others. I look forward to using this forum to learn from some of the country’s best and brightest. I am eager to hear about how my colleagues are applying Brain Based strategies. Together we can make the difference in the lives of our students in and the greater community at large.

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      Ernest Izard PhD

      Minister and high school teacher committed to bring the cutting edge insights, skills, and strategies of brain research applications to an inner city school and church to demonstrate that this stuff really works. I combine what I have learned from Eric and others with the advanced listening skills, neurolinguistic programming training, and consulting in an attempt to make a difference in the lives of my students and parishioners. Also certified by Texas Education Agency as a high school redesigner, I custom design my work with high schools based on their needs and presenting issues instead of a pre-fabricated shiny package.

    • #32436

      I currently contribute professionally as People Development Specialist with my company, Brain Bonanza LLC. My personal mission is “Empowering people to live more of their passions with their best brains as the CEO’s of their own lives!”

      I am a lifelong learner with passions for the brain and the learning process. Among my certifications, I am a Certified Brain-Based Trainer, which supports my commitment to apply neuroscience to create successful outcomes with the clients and organizations I serve. From training trainers with “Training with the Brain in Mind,” to helping people have “Your Best Brain at Work/School/Home,” to including brain-based learning principles in “Delivering Exceptional Customer Service,” to helping students create success with brain-based learning strategies in “Play to Win!” people are consistently excited to understand more about their brains and the brains of those with whom they work and live.

      I am a long-time member of the Association for Talent Development and the Hawkeye ATD chapter, currently serving on the chapter board as President-Elect. I am excited to share that I was recently invited to be a contributing author in the ATD Science of Learning Community.

      I am also excited and grateful to learn from, and contribute to, this Brain Based Learning community of like-minded passionate professionals!

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      Jean Seville Suffield

      Hello! I have been travelling extensively to India, North Africa, Malsysia, Singapore, the Philippines, and South Australia. I am an independent trainer, author, and speaker and work with various groups in lead management based on the concepts of internal control psychology, that we choose to behave to get what we want in order to meet our needs for survival, love and belonging, power, freedom, and fun.

      When I am at home in Québec, I work with schools who wish to bridge the gap between classroom environment and student achievement. All the delivery of my work in done with the brain in mind. All the tools I have acquired over the years has improved my presentations and trainings. I am happy to say that i have had a profound influence over the years and continue to teach with energy and excitement.

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      Hi there! I am Joanne Spence, a recovering social worker turned yoga teacher. I teach adults and children self-regulation skills through basic yoga movement and breathing exercises. My specialty is working with adults and children with mood disorders (e.g. depression, anxiety). I consult with schools, particularly for special needs populations (e.g. alternative school settings). I teach yoga as therapy in an inpatient psychiatric setting and in juvenile detention centers. I work with Health and Physical Education teachers in implementing yoga as part of PE. I also enjoy providing professional development for teachers on self-care and self-awareness (stress reduction and combating burnout). My more formal bio and contact info can be found in the “Experts” section of this website or at

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      Hi all!

      My name is John Almarode and I am a teacher educator at a major state university. I divide my time between teaching and supervising pre-service teachers, research, and being a husband and dad.

      I am very passionate about the science of learning and enjoy critical discussions about what this look like in our PreK – 12 classrooms as well as in our teacher preparation programs.

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      Bob Sherman

      I have been an educator for 22 years. I was an Acquisition Instructor in the Air Force for three years. After retiring from the military I taught in public school for two years. I left the public school system and taught in a Catholic High School for 17 years, just this past year I returned back to public school. I was first introduced to Brain-based learning as an instructor in the military. It has been my lifeline in the classroom since I began teaching. For anyone who involved in any facet of education, I don’t see how one can teach effectively without using the principles of Brain-based learning. Embracing the concept of Brain-based learning has made teaching fun for me.

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      Dani Odri

      For the past 24 years, I have been both a classroom teacher, and specialist in the K-6 Primary school setting in Melbourne, Australia. My current position as a Learning Improvement Leader has enabled me to share the strategies that certification in Brain-based learning has provided. To motivate and engage students and teachers, and have them experience success is the power of Brain-based learning and teaching. Teaching with the Brain in Mind only makes you want to learn more.

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      Iliana Aljure

      My name is Iliana Aljure, from Bogotá, Colombia. I am the Arts Director of Rochester School, a private catholic school, and I’m sorry for have taken so long to introduce myself.
      My passion and love of teaching sits in the dance education field. Integrating all forms of art, with other disciplines is also a mindset for me, because I have seen emotional, social, physical and cognitive transformation, in many students, through arts teaching.
      Brain based learning has provided a rationale for arts education in my school, and its principles and research are on the top of our list. I am grateful for this part of my education!

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      Rinnah Esprit-Maduro

      Hallo, my name is Rinnah (Maurina) Esprit-Maduro from the island of Curacao (Caribbean). Formerly as a PE teacher and later on as an English teacher, I use the mind, body, and soul to the max for effective teaching and learning. In my current position as superintendent I enjoy passing on the knowledge of Brain Based Learning to the teachers and staff. And I am eager to learn more.

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      Yen Kai, Lye

      Hey I am Yen Kai from Singapore. I am not a teacher. My primary focus with working with youths in the areas of character, social emotional learning and leadership development. I use Adventure and Experiential Education to further my work with youths.

      Since 2010, I have been developing Professional Development workshops with teachers in the field of Experiential Learning Facilitation, Classroom Facilitation as well as Inquiry Based Facilitation.

      Brain-Based Learning principles and Strategies formed the foundation of all my work.

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      Alicia Alvarez-Calderón

      My name is Alicia Alvarez-Calderon and currently I am the Director for English Language Learner Programs for North East Independent School District in San Antonio, Texas. I am originally from Peru and so English is my second language. I have a BS in Early Childhood Education and a MS in Bicultural Bilingual Studies. My whole career has been in bilingual and ESL education. 21 years of experience as a teacher and this is my 8th year as an administrator.
      I started my journey with Brain Based Learning almost 18 years ago when I first attended the 6 day training with Eric. It was awesome! I have continued to read, attend workshops and apply as much as I can into my field. I hope to get new ideas and to collaborate with others through this blog. I’m excited to be part of this group of professionals.

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