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Homepage Forums Brain-Based Learning Q&A IMPACT OF GRIEF IN THE BRAIN

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      I just read an article about an important study made about the impact of loss on the brain. Although this is not recent I found it very interesting. Three finance professors from major business schools tracked the performance of 75,000 Danish companies in the 2 years before and after the CEO had experienced a family death. Financial performance declined 20% after the loss of a child, 15% after the death of a spouse, and almost 10% after the demise of any other family member. These findings also illustrate how the brain responds to dissapointment and personal negative events.
      This made me think of the connection to the school setting since all children are not the same. Many children may be undergoing setbacks or negative situations that impair their normal functioning. The loss or negative situation doesn´t have to be necesarily the death of a loved one. There are many common situations like parents undergoing a divorce, the loss of a pet, or even of a favorite toy, and these can have the same impact on the brain.
      Brain imaging studies done on people who are grieving, revealed increased activity along a broad network of neurons. These link areas associated not only with mood but also with memory, perception, conceptualization, and even the regulation of the heart, the digestive system, and other organs.
      I keep hoping for the school system to change and adapt to the knowledge we have about brain functioning and respecting the emotional well being of the children. More and more we should be adressing the teaching of coping skills and strategies so people from a young age learn to handle the effects of setbacks, since they are a part of life.

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      Ricky Chan

      Hi Patricia,
      I’m interested to know more about the research done by the three finance professors and the brain imaging studies done on people who are grieving. Could you please provide me the link/s or references for further understanding?

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      Patricia Bentolila

      This is the name of the article in “This Is How Your Brain Reacts To Losing A Loved One” .By THOMAS CROOK, PHD. I hope this helps. I´m also looking for more profound information, I think this is very interesting and has many implications in the emotional state of learners.

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      Karan Young, M.Ed.

      So many things can impede learning. Grief is certainly one of them. It is interesting that grief in adults can have such a significant impact. Just think of young children who have not yet had a life -time to learn coping strategies. Teachers and schools do need to balance the needs of children along with imparting information. Thank you for sharing this article.

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      Ricky Chan

      Dear Patricia,
      Thanks for your sharing and the link! The Author’s suggestions on how to deal with the negative impacts constructively are also inspiring. Thanks!

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      Alicia Alvarez-Calderon

      I find this very interesting for professional and personal reasons. Could you send the name of the article ans where to find it please?

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