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How Eric Jensen’s Brain-Based model provides better impact than others?

Homepage Forums Brain-Based Learning Q&A How Eric Jensen’s Brain-Based model provides better impact than others?

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      Ricky Chan

      I have been certified as a Brain-Based Trainer by Dr. Eric Jensen since 2004. From 2005, I started provide training on “Brain-Based Teaching” for schools. During that period, most teachers hadn’t heard about Brain-Based Teaching, even the scholars who were teaching Education in the Universities had no idea what Brain-Based teaching paradigm is. Some scholars even criticized “Brain-Based Teaching” as a “gimmick” or “Have no proof”. Back then was a difficult path in gaining the recognition of the value of Brain-Based Teaching in the Education Sector.

      Now, after 13 years, the Education faculty of some universities in Hong Kong begin to provide “Brain-Based Teaching” as a module for the undergrad teacher training. More and more scholars of Education Faculty start mentioning neuroscience and the brain in their talk or training when they provide teacher development program. On the bright side, we are happy to see that “Brain-Based Teaching” has eventually been recognized by the mainstream educators; on the contrary, there are increasing competitors providing “Brain-Based” Training for teachers.

      I have no intention to compete with them. I’m happy if “Brain-Based” is recognized, studied and can benefit more students, as well as parents in Hong Kong. However, many teachers told me that “Neuroscience” or “Research findings related to the Brain” when introduced by most other service provider from the University institutions are only introduced through “powerpoint and talk”, but not through “demonstration of how the brain-compatible strategies can be delivered differently, or let teachers experiencing those approaches”. So even after participating in other scholars’ training, they fail to see how their teaching methods can be different. We are grateful that most teachers who have been in our workshops prefer to recommend our Brain-Based training to their colleagues and principals.

      What we realize is when scholars or frontline teachers only know about the updated researches on the “Brain” couldn’t fill the gap between Neuroscience and Education. In my experience, knowing “how” is more important. Thanks for Eric and his presentation, because through Eric’s Brain-Based Model trainings enlightens me know the real “Brain-Based Teaching” should be, because we all experience hands-on various Brain-Compatible strategies. Therefore, updating our knowledge related to the “Brain” is important, but paying more effort on the strategies and presentation skills is the “essential key” in making the real change inside the classrooms.

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