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How Do I Keep My Brain Performing at Its Best While I'm Teaching?

Homepage Forums Brain-Based Learning Q&A How Do I Keep My Brain Performing at Its Best While I'm Teaching?

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      When we are teaching or training, there are so many demands on our brain’s attention, decision-making, problem-solving, and more. How can we have our best brains in our current stressed circumstances? Here are some strategies to try.

      We know that meditation is helpful for quieting and calming the mind. Perhaps teaching your students some meditation techniques that can be done with you at the start of a class, or after moments of intense emotion, will increase the performance of both your brain and the brains of your students.

      We know it is important to have good nutrition and hydration for our brains to perform at their peak, yet we often are so rushed we forget. What can you do to plan with healthy snacks you can grab throughout the day? Do you also have a water bottle that you can access to stay hydrated?

      When we are stressed, our breathing is often shallow and rapid. Building a reminder into your schedule, or between classes, to take five slow deep breaths will increase the oxygen flow to the brain and improve its performance. You can also increase your breathing with some exercise, such as a quick walk to the restroom or the drinking fountain, or even around your classroom.

      While you are planning for the successful learning of your students, it is important to plan how you will get successful performance from your brain throughout the day.

      Please share some strategies you have used to get the best performance from your brain while you are teaching. We can all benefit!

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