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Hong Kong will start Brain-Based School certification in 2017 – need suggestions

Homepage Forums Brain-Based Learning Q&A Hong Kong will start Brain-Based School certification in 2017 – need suggestions

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      Ricky Chan

      In Hong Kong SAR China, we are the only two certified Brain-Based Trainers by Dr. Eric Jensen since 2004. Within a period of 12 years, we have been invited by more than 500 schools to provide Brain-Based Training Staff development workshops or trainings ranging from 1-day to intensive long-term 6 years training programs. Among those 500 schools, about 50 schools have committed to provide one to six years training as well as lesson support for their teaching staffs. Nearly 2000 lessons have been observed in the light of Brain-Based Teaching.

      Apart from teachers’ training, about 30,000 parents have participated in our talks or workshops. After experiencing the tremendous positive impacts of Brain-Based Learning, parents want to know which schools have been trained and teachers are employing Brain-Based learning and teaching for their kids. With parents’ strong demands and also to appreciate principals or teachers who have long-term commitment in developing Brain-Based Teaching & Learning, 4 to 5 schools showed their interest to be certified as Brain-Based School in the last few years. Therefore we decided to offer certification for schools starting from 2017.

      Although we have gained suggestions and modification from our honorable consultant and master trainer, Dr. Eric Jensen, we still need input and ideas from experts in this field to nourish our program and enable it gaining international standard. If you’re teachers, trainers, consultants working with Brain-Based Learning and Teaching, we humbly invite you to give us your suggestions and experience.

      Anson and Ricky
      (Certified Brain-Based Trainer in Hong Kong)

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      Patricia Bentolila

      Hi Ricky: I would first like to congratulate you, this sounds very exciting. I´m pretty sure you have all content and topic covered, therefore I´ve been thinking about suggesting something that might help the process. My suggestion would be to have the participants present some kind of evidence of them actually facilitating lessons designed brain based. They could do short videos and add a written report of the planned lesson, why and what they chose to do, and their self assessment. In this way they gain consciousness of their mistakes and improve. Later, repeat the process to watch themselves making improvement. I would love to know if this is helpful and more about your project, I´m very impressed of what you have accomplished. Good Luck!

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      Ricky Chan

      Dear Patricia,
      Good to get your encouraging response! Our original planning is to offer “Brain-Awareness School-Bronze award”, “Brain-Friendly School-Silver award” and “Brain-Based School-Gold award”. The requirements and criteria for being certified are focused on five aspects (B, R, A, I, N): Basic structure; Review, Reflect & Research; Assessment; Implementation; Nature & Nurture. As you suggested, we strongly agree that teachers’ self-assessment of implementation (with evidence) is a core element for professional development on Brain-Based Teaching. Thanks for your inspiration and we surely bear it in mind for our final version of the program. Any other suggestions on “Assessment” of students on Brain-Based Development?

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      Ricky Chan

      Dear all,
      The Brain-Based School Certification was launched in August 2017. We sent invitation to our partner schools (those working with us for more than 1 year staff development on Brain-Based Teaching) and we have received 3 schools to nominate as “Brain-Friendly School” (Silver award) and 2 nominate as “Brain-Awareness School” (bronze award). This year, we still have 14 schools inviting us to provide staff development training on Brain-Based & Thinking-Based Teaching. Hope that these school can also be certified as “Brain-Based”, “Brain-Friendly” or “Brain-Awareness” schools in the near future. The 1st round result will be announced in April or May 2018, and their award will be presented at our 3rd International Brain and Mind Expo 2018, confirmed 07-09 Dec 2018.

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