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Exercise & Effects: Two Studies

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      Researchers out of Colombia University and the University of Miami studied the benefits of different types of exercise on 876 candidates over the age of 65 over a five year period. They concluded that the 10% who were involved in high-density activity or exercise improved memory of words from a lists and could carry out simple tasks better than their counterparts involved in low-density or no significant exercise. The researchers indicated that the brains of the 10% group showed brains that were 10 years younger than those in the second group.
      The study is interesting since there is a push for more and more activity on the part of people of all ages; however, as one ages, attention to moderate to some high-density exercise becomes important. This caught my interest because researchers from my alma mater, Concordia University, in liaison with a Québec-based company, Idunn Technologies combed through 10,000 trials to find plant extracts that could increase the lifespan of yeast, which, apparently resembles the aging process in humans at the cellular level. There extracts are found in Willow Bark that has been believed, since ancient times of the Greeks, to have age-slowing properties! Pass the Willow Bark, please!

      (1) Neurology, 2016;doi: 10.1212/WNL.0000000000002582
      (2) Oncotarget, 2016: doi: 10.18632/oncotarget.7665

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