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Brain Science Podcast with Dr. Ginger Campbell

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      AvatarBryan Harris

      For those of you who enjoy listening to podcasts, Dr. Campbell’s website is worth a look.

      While it definitely has an academic bent, it includes interviews with some amazing researchers and cutting-edge scientists.

      You can search back episodes that include interviews with heavy weights like Eric Kandel, Larry Squire, Maryanne Wolf, and Norman Doidge.

      Its worth a look.

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      AvatarBryan Harris

      One of the most famous patients in the history of neurology and brain science is a man named Henry Molaison more commonly referred to in the research as “HM”.

      While his story is fairly famous, have you ever heard of Dr. Brenda Milner? If not, you’ll want to listen to the interview at the link below.

      Now in her 90s, Dr. Milner was HM’s doctor and a true pioneer in the study of the brain.

      Make the time to listen to this amazing woman! You will not be disappointed.

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      Eric JensenEric Jensen

      Great one.. I also have a podcast many may find interesting..


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