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      I was fortunate to have worked in Melbourne [Independent] and then the schools in New South Wales from October 17 to November 18 this year and it was such an enriching experience. I modified the toolkit so each 2-day program entitled “Brain Engagement Toolkit” took me to Melbourne Independent Schools and to the school system in New South Wales. One of the questions I was asked and I indicated that I would check this out is what has been done in recent years to update the research that went into the Brain Gym program in the first place.

      If anyone of you is teaching Brain Gym and could help me out, I would appreciate it. It was heartening to see how many people I worked with had either been trained in Brain Gym years ago or are using some of the activities.

      Appreciate your help,

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      Alicia Alvarez-Calderon

      This is their oficial website, you might find what you need through them:

Viewing 1 reply thread
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