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We are building a list of books that our readers feel worthy and offer great perspective as related to Brain-Based Learning.

To post a book review, or to to recommend a book you’ve read, feel free to post a comment below.
We’ll add it to this list if it meets the criteria of being a great book for educators.

Eric Jensen’s NEW Book:

Poor Students, Rich Teaching: Mindsets for Change

This is the first book to take on the damaging mindsets that are hurting the chances of students from poverty. It is incisive, clear, research-based and action oriented. It speaks to what teachers can do today to start getting better results. You will get exactly WHAT to do and HOW to do it. You and your staff will go bonkers over this.

Brain Based TeachingTABLE OF CONTENTS

Chapter 1: Why Should You Care About Poverty?
Chapter 2: Why Should You Embrace Change?

Part One: Why the Relational Mindset?
Chapter 3: Secrets of the Relational Mindset
Chapter 4: Personalize the Learning
Chapter 5: Connect Everyone for Success
Chapter 6: Show Empathy
Chapter 7: Lock in the Relational Mindset

Part Two: Why the Achievement Mindset?
Chapter 8: Secrets of the Achievement Mindset
Chapter 9: Set Gutsy Goals
Chapter 10: Have the Right Attitude
Chapter 11: Give Fabulous Feedback
Chapter 12: Persist With Grit
Chapter 13: Lock in the Achievement Mindset

Part Three: Why the Rich Classroom Climate Mindset?

Chapter 14: Secrets of the Rich Classroom Climate Mindset
Chapter 15: Engage Voice and Vision
Chapter 16: Set Safe Classroom Norms
Chapter 17: Foster Academic Optimism
Chapter 18: Lock in the Rich Classroom Climate Mindset

Part Four: Why the Engagement Mindset?
Chapter 19: Secrets of the Engagement Mindset
Chapter 20: Engage for Maintenance and Stress
Chapter 21: Engage for Setup and Buy-In
Chapter 22: Engage to Build Community
Chapter 23: Lock in the Engagement Mindset

Appendix: Resources for Getting Started

This book is a game changer. You get poverty background, real science, fresh research on what works, and most importantly, the new mindsets needed to succeed. Every chapter gives you real strategies you can implement immediately in your school or classroom. Buy it today and enjoy the new you!

Eric Jensen
Eric Jensen is a former teacher with a real love of learning. He grew up in San Diego and attended public schools. While his academic background is in English and human development, he has a real love of educational neuroscience. For over 20 years, he has been connecting the research with practical classroom applications.