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Patricia Bentolila, MSc.'s Posts

Brain Based aging


While many people worry about aging and getting wrinkles, some others worry about neurodegenerative diseases like alzheimers. The first type of people, spend lots of money on treatments, creams, and cirgury procedures to fight the aging process. The second type, are mostly involved in a vicious circle of “worriness” that lead to more deterioration of the brain. But what is the best antidote agains...

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teen brains

Adolescents Anyone?

Bad tempered, Impulsive, Risk takers, Don´t consider consequences, Clumsy communicators… But of course, teens act this way because it´s their nature to be like that. Both teachers and parents ask: “why can´t teens act like adults?” It seems that no one remembers what it was like when they were adolescents, and many have the tendency to idealize how it was for them. Some remember being able t...

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