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Student area for study

How to Create a Positive, Energizing and Organized Study Environment

This article is written TO STUDENTS. They need to know these study strategies. You can share this information in parent newsletters and SHOW students how to use the strategies. Few Diversions. Turn off the TV and phone ringer (go as far to place your phone in another room while you are studying). Send loud siblings to another room. Research suggests that with each additional distraction working me...

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Foods That Maximize Learning

Foods That Maximize Learning

“As you eat, so shall you think.” Everyday people make decisions about what to eat, and these foods have a direct impact on their quality of life. In fact, parents make most of these decisions for their children. Parents have to feverishly create a breakfast, pack snacks, and make lunches before rushing out the door to school. To save time, maximize my children’s learning potential for the day, an...

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teenage brains

A Good Night’s Sleep Enhances Learning and Memory

Sleeping is Problem 40 million people suffer from chronic sleep disorders or sleep apnea (repetitive episodes of impaired breathing that interferes with sleep). 95% of adults experience some form of insomnia during their lives. More than half of the time, insomnia is caused by psychological and emotional stress. Stress is the number one cause of insomnia. One out of 5 freeway traffic accidents is ...

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brain food

Maximize Learning with Powerful Foods

“As you eat, so shall you think.” Everyday people make decisions about what to eat, and these foods have a direct impact on their quality of life. Food for Energy When we think of the purpose of eating good food, none is more important than the affect of energizing our bodies. However, many people might easily overlook one of the most powerful “foods” we can consume – water.   With so much focus o...

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Brain Based Results

Prepping the Brain for Learning: Simple Strategies, Powerful Results

If someone asked me to define learning simply, I would say: Learning is the acquisition and storage of new input such that a lasting neural network is formed. These neural networks may reactivate older ones to connect more information in proper categories (well sometimes that is…). When multiplied by millions, these connected neural networks make me who I am and help me to use these storage site...

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Brain based information

Learning Improves with Challenge? Really?

There is a common myth out in the education world: If information feels easy to absorb, then our students have learned it well! I often have the wonderful opportunity to observe teachers in their classrooms. Rather than study their teaching habits, I’m looking for HOW the students respond to the teaching, content, strategies, environment and other students during the learning process. I’m q...

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