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Brain Positive

Greetings to 2018 with More Brain-Strengthening Positive-Thoughts & Tips

Currently, more people are aware of the Importance of Positive Thoughts or Thinking, whether we are referring to words/expressions we say to others or our inner mind dialogue with oneself, these words/expressions can shift the thought-pathways in our brain and lead us to completely different actions or behaviors, ultimately different destiny we reach. Consider the effects of the following three ex...

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The Magic Power of Gratefulness

Just as Humor, Laughter and Positive Thoughts empower us to achieve greater happiness, so does the magic of “Gratitude or Thankfulness/Gratefulness” that can strengthen our emotion and mental health, plus physically changing our brains better. According to UCLA’s Mindful Awareness Research Center, regularly expressing gratitude literally changes the molecular structure of the brain, keeps the gray...

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Gaining Learners’ Attention

Changing Learners’ Brains Positively: How Comparing Brain-compatible approaches as delivered differently from traditional/conventional classroom instructions. Below is a table that highlights the pedagogy differences in traditional classroom management vs Brain-Based Learning approaches: References: Hobson, J. A. (1994) The Chemistry of Consciousness: How the Brain Changes its Mind. Boston: Little...

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brain learning strategy

Changing Learners’ Brains Positively:

 How Brain-compatible approaches are delivered differently from traditional/conventional classroom instructions – 01 Gaining Learners’ Attention Brain-Based Learning theories/principles attempt to explain how, and under what conditions, learner’s brain takes in, processes and memorizes best as educators or teachers employ different classroom instructions to enable different students master k...

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