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Brain Based learning

Talk that isn’t “cheap”: How teachers can reduce stress and increase learning potential for introverts

by Dr. Margo Turner I have been reading Cain’s (2013), Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking because my son is an introvert.   As an educator and a trainer for educators I realize the power of talk – I do it for a living for goodness’ sake. But as a mom to a little guy of few words, I can find myself worrying about his lack of talking and his performance potential...

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Brain Based Results

Prepping the Brain for Learning: Simple Strategies, Powerful Results

If someone asked me to define learning simply, I would say: Learning is the acquisition and storage of new input such that a lasting neural network is formed. These neural networks may reactivate older ones to connect more information in proper categories (well sometimes that is…). When multiplied by millions, these connected neural networks make me who I am and help me to use these storage site...

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Brain based information

Learning Improves with Challenge? Really?

There is a common myth out in the education world: If information feels easy to absorb, then our students have learned it well! I often have the wonderful opportunity to observe teachers in their classrooms. Rather than study their teaching habits, I’m looking for HOW the students respond to the teaching, content, strategies, environment and other students during the learning process. I’m q...

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Tools for engagement

15 Tools for Engagement

1. Better Attentional Sets. Create some anticipation for students or yourself before speaking. Use a train whistle, gong or party noisemaker. It just has to be fun, short and consistent. These kind, you’ll rotate each week to avoid habituation by your students. Or, whenever someone is ready to speak to your group or class, he or she will use a pre-established activity. Any established call-r...

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Brain Based learning

Brain-based Learning: Changing Kids Brains

Debate in the neuroscience community ranges across a slew of issues, but one thing is unanimous. The human brain is constantly changing. This article walks you through some of those changes and the opportunities that present themselves to you for maximizing the brain’s potential. The types of change and the mechanisms for change are, just in the last few years, just starting to be understood.

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Multidisciplinary Brain-Based Teaching Examples

The “Broad Sweep” Brain-based education has evolved quite a bit over the last twenty years. Initially, it seemed focused on establishing a vocabulary with which to understand the new knowledge. As a result, many of us heard about (for the first time) axons, dendrites serotonin, dopamine, the hippocampus and the amygdala. Brain-based teaching is here to stay and now you can see why. That was the “f...

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Brain based learning

An Emerging Paradigm: Moving towards Brain-based Learning

This article about concerns I have about a traditional school structure and assessment. Today, many more educators are using data than ever before to improve student achievement. As a trend, it’s one of the best ones in years. With greater accountability and opportunities to reach failing students, educators are flocking towards a better understanding of how to use data. It’s used primarily for in...

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