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5,6,7,8… The Show must Begin!

Behind the curtains everything is chaos… The technical team redirects the lights, checks for wires on the floor, arranges the black legs, cleans the stage and verifies the musical instruments; everybody runs back and forth to organize the scenery, students hurry to their dressing rooms to finish their hair and makeup, to get their costumes ready and to breathe before the big show… They all wait fo...

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Study Group In Brain Based Learning

Study Group Of 20 Teachers And Administrators Created On February 2014 To Promote Brain Based Learning At Rochester School In Bogotá, Colombia. HOW DID WE START? In the beginning of February 2014, I posted an email ad inviting people from the school community to participate voluntarily on a study group to know the benefits of Brain Based Learning in our school environment. Within one week, 20 inte...

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Brain, heart and mind: An holistic perspective on the classroom

Brain, heart and mind; three words with a tremendous significance in education. Three words intimately related to the integral formation of our students, and that summarize the importance of thoughts and feelings, as they are balanced in the classroom. Words that invite us to investigate beyond how and why students can get access to knowledge, understand it and apply it in other contexts of their ...

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classroom strategies

Integrating Brain-Based Learning in the Classroom

A good way to work with these guidelines is to write each concept on an index card and then list some of the specific, practical strategies you can do to make it happen. Consider introducing one new concept a week; then be rigorous in your implementation. Remember, you’ll still be integrating the concepts from the previous weeks, too; but after a while, your new approach will be automatic.

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Lesson Plan- Brain Bases

Brain-Based Lesson Planning Strategies

Brain-based lesson planning does not follow a template—mainly because the basic premise of brain-based learning is that every brain is unique, so a one-size-fits-all approach does not work. Learning different things requires different approaches for different people, depending on variables such as prior learning, experience, preferred modalities, and the type of skill being taught. Thus, a toolbox...

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Brain based learning Norwalk schools

Brain Based Teaching Helping Norwalk Schools

You don’t have to write schools off or kids off just because you have a high poverty rate,” Ditrio told the Board of Education last week in an enthusiastic presentation of new teaching techniques that Norwalk Superintendent Manny Rivera said are part of the “major plan to fundamentally rebuild our public school system.”

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