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If you like to find brain-based learning resources, we’ve got them. It’s perfect if you want to talk to other “brain junkies.” It’s great if you’re new and just want to browse. If you’re an “expert” there’s a way to become listed so others can find you. You’ll also find plenty of articles you can read on the finer points of brain-based learning.

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Jensen Brain Based Learning

A brain-based learning approach focuses on practical strategies linking brain research to student achievement.

Brain based learning is all about smarter, more purposeful teaching that can reach a greater number of students. It’s not any one single thing you do. It’s more about the on-going, purposeful aggregate of environment, instruction and curriculum strategies that makes it all work.

Brain-Based Learning Articles:


ABC: Brain Based Learning

Learning based on the brain suggests ways that our schools can be transformed into complete centers and learning organizations. School and Studying Learning are not synonymous. In some cases they are ... Read More »

Children brain based needs

Two things every young child needs

(and don’t worry, they are free!) Turn on the radio, TV, read a mom’s blog and you are inundated with the latest “must haves” for young children…everything from the right Easter dress to the newest to... Read More »

Brain Based adult learning

Engaging Adult Learners

I am an adjunct professor. I teach adults. That is the easy part. Picture this. It’s a Tuesday about 5:30 PM. The three-credit Master’s level course, “Leadership and Decision-Making” will begin at 6:0... Read More »

brain food

Maximize Learning with Powerful Foods

“As you eat, so shall you think.” Everyday people make decisions about what to eat, and these foods have a direct impact on their quality of life. Food for Energy When we think of the purpose of eatin... Read More »